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quarta-feira , abril 8 2020
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Trust Me ✶ Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg no limit top dogg
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Letra da Música

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No, uh-uh excuse me wait baby treat yo’ cash
And remind me when we get home to get going
And crack my whip and pack yo’ shit
Befo’ I 92.3 The Beat yo’ ass!
No bitch look at me when I talk to you
I checked the bitch and said, “some shit?
No, shut up, you goin’ do what I tell you to do!”
Now name three motherfuckers you can call, you can’t
One pimping that, two pimping that, three pimping that
That bitch got off! (Say what my nigga Suga Free, what you say?)
Snoop say what? (Huh?) I said
I’m pimping that, you pimping that, she pimping that
That bitch does all!
Naw, pimping ain’t easy (pimping ain’t easy)
But hoeing ain’t hard no (hoeing ain’t hard no)
Baby you gon’ have to hoe (hoe hoe hoe)
Or lady I’ma have to go (see ya, see ya!)
Suga Free, bitch that don’t stand for some old nice ass nigga
Trying to get some pussy and you trying to get some of this dick free
I’m live ta be a old-ass pimp with cataracts
Reminiscing on regular park trees with the homies
And slapping bitches in Cadillac’s
I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much
I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much!
I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much
I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much! Hey
Now check me, I’m in a helluva situation
I got LOVE for the home girl but it ain’t no escaping
Now I’ve been waiting fo’ the chance fo’ me to do my thing
Cause when I go out baby, I GO OUT with a bang! (bang bang)
Thursday night, ‘bout to hang out at the House of Blues
Fresh attire, new shoes, plus a new, hairdo, Whoo!
I’m mesmerized by the music that they bump in the club
I see my homegirl man (whas’ happening, whas’ up?)
Lookin like he need some love
And everytime I see him, he been givin me the eye
Cause he my type and I’m his type and plus we love to ride
Imagine that, off we left
Hot sweat hot sex it ain’t like we just met (ahh, yeah, yeah)
Why she trust me? Since his girl went on a little trip
I made his sweat drip, he made me strip
It ain’t my fault he in a fucked up relationship
That just go to show, you never know who you dealing with
Love over friendship, that’s why I live my life trustless, yeah
I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much
I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much!
I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much
I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much! Hey
Hmm, I spent the night at the homie’s house, shit
Slept in his living room, on his couch
Nigga high’n a motherfucker burnt out (shit)
Before you know it, god damn, the homie chirped out (damn!)
And he ain’t said shit, he just dip in his Seville as he peel
Left me at the pad with his girl, damn, what the deal?
Now baby got a gown on, getting her clown on
As she slid downstairs, now she taking me down home
Cheating in the next room in the homeboy’s bedroom
Am I wrong? Shit, on and on and on and on
Now what am I to do if you was me and I was you
His baby momma in my face, she shaking poo-poo, what would you do?
Trust is a motherfucking loco, shit
And so is temptation, and I don’t know what I’ma do
Come on through (come on through) so I can cum on you (cum on you)
Shit if the homey knew (if the homey knew) if the homey knew
(if the homey knew)
Hey now
{I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much!}
Can’t trust me, whatcha say now?
(Mo heezee up in this motherfucker Dogg)
{I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much}
(Trust is a motherfucker)
You can’t trust, what ya say now?
(Don’t trust, no bitch)
{I wish you wouldn’t trust me so much! Hey}
Whatcha say?
(Trust in no bitch-ass niggaz)
What ya say now? Can’t trust
What ya say now?
What ya say now?
Can’t trust, what ya say now?
Come on yeah

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