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My Life ✶ DMX

dmx grand champ
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Letra da Música

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[DMX] Uh
[Chinky (DMX)] Cause its all (Growl)…goin on…in my life
[DMX] Earl Simmons, AKA The Dawg (what!), gettin down for real and goin hard
[Chinky (DMX)] Cause its all (Growl)…goin on…in my life
[DMX] This is my life and ima live how i wanna live it motherfuckers wanna fuckin come and get it
[Chinky] Cause its all…goin on…in my life
[DMX] Shake it out yo, gimme at leats three feet and end up stinkin and leakin in the street (what!)
[Chinky] Cause its all…goin on…in my life
[DMX] I wanna be able to teach to blood (uh!), wanna be able to sit down and eat wit you cuh (uh!)
[Chinky] Cause its all…goin on…in my life
[DMX] I go through what i go thorugh so you dont have to you should be glad to have to wear ? (whoo)
[Chinky (DMX)] Cause its all, (yeah), goin on….in my life
[DMX] It is my dreams (uh), my fears (uh), my words (uh), that constantly (uh) fall on (uh) deaf ears (uh) (what!)
[Chinky] Cause its all…goin on…in my life
[DMX] Fogive me farther for i have sinned (yeah!), endangered my soul im ready to win lets begin
[Chinky] Cause its all…goin on…in my life
[DMX] Please give me the strength to rebuke the devil, give me the speech so the word is heard at all levels (aight!)
[Chinky] Cause its all…goin on…in my life
[DMX] ……………..Uh
[Chinky (DMX)] Cause its all (Cause its all),goin on (Whats goin on), in my life (This is my life, This is my life)
Cause its all (Cause its all)….(Whats goin on), in my life (in my life…..This is my life)
Cause its all in my life, whoo in my life (This is my life), Yeah (This is my life), whooo
(This life of mine)
(Livin this life of mine) In my life (AAaaaaHHhhhhh!)
[DMX] Uh…..Yeah……Thats whats up baby……aint nothin fake about this…..this my
motherfuckin life

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